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at 10:00 a.m. and ktvu channel 2 news will be there. >>> dell is in buy out talks that could take the company private. dell is in negotiations with two private firms. the talks are preliminary and could fall apart because they may not be able to line up the financing. dell lost a third of its value last year and been trying to regain ground in the pc market. >>> new study is challenging a finding that links marijuana use among teens to a decline in iq. in the sudy researchers found -- study researchers found a drop in participates who were dependent on pot by 18. now a researcher is questioning the evidence and says an explanation for the iq decline could be socioeconomic factors. the authors say new tests they have conducted rule out that theory. >>> check out the new pictures. a first look at the newest versions of the new chevy corvette. chevy is bringing back the name stingray. gm says the car is new and only uses two parts from the current corvette. this comes out during a good period. they sold 14 million vehicles last year. that is the highest number since 2007. >>> a big p
was covered by owners. >>> microsoft is reportedly in talks to buy dell. according to the wall street journal, microsoft would contribute $15 million to a buy out deal. that would make it a minor investor which is expected to cost $27 million if completed. texas based dell has been in buy out negotiations with two firmless. the computer company lost half of its value last year. >>> up by 23%. what more and more children are being diagnosed with and why this is happening. >> and an announcement from one of the peninsula's biggest tech giants. >> a huge fire at beale air force base in sacramento has cost $10 million in damage. it broke out at the civil engineering squadron building yesterday afternoon. only one person was inside because of the holiday and that person escaped unharmed but the fire burned throughout the night and has essentially gutted the building. about 200 people in all work there and will now report to an alternate location. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >>> yahoo is reportedly trying to lure back some of its former employees. according to tech crunch ya
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2